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Medication Use Management

This week we were orientated to the role of the Medication Use Management (MUM) pharmacists including their role in provincial hospital formulary management and drug use evaluation. We had the unique experience of collaborating to write a Provincial Formulary Review draft with Lara, one of the lovely MUM pharmacists. We were charged with evaluating the evidence for the use of SMOFlipid, a lipid product available for TPNs (no relation to the lovable dragon from the Hobbit). Although this was just a small taste of the process, it gave me an appreciation of amount of research and time is invested into formulary request reviews. It was interesting to evaluate the literature and learn which factors need to be considered before adding a medication to formulary. Through this experience and the didactic portion of the rotation, I am more equip to answer interdisciplinary queries regarding the drug formulary, SAP medications and medication shortages. I am really looking forward to attending the P&T meeting in October! I will have to wait and see if the review we worked on is discussed then, I’ll keep you updated!

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