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Personal Mission and Vision Statement for the Year

In our second leadership and management session, we discussed both our personal and VIHA core values. The VIHA core values are very clear. CARE: courage, aspire, respect and empathy. Us residents were then asked to select 5 values from a list as though these were the only 5 we could keep for the remainder of our lives. We each had some unique core values but the lists where quite typical of what you might expect of a healthcare clinician. It was an interesting session and the message I took from it was that being clear of our values is not only important, but also necessary to work effectively and to make important clinical decisions. That having this insight positively influences both career and life choices.

As I was reflecting on this session, I referred back to an exercise one of my mentors had suggested at the beginning of my residency. Create a personal mission and vision statement. There are many tools for this and I chose an article “How to create a Personal Mission and Vision Statement for the Year.” Fairly self-explanatory. Now for those who have not gone through this sort of exercise (and are probably wondering where this whole reflection is going), a vision statement combines core values with desired outcomes. I think of it as a statement that encompasses my values as well as my aspirations over the residency year. The mission statement portion describes how the goal will be achieved.

Now I have to admit that I was torn about sharing this on my blog but I decided to practice some courage and publish it:

My vision is to be a knowledgeable, empathetic and impactful member of the clinical pharmacy team. I am committed to building my confidence, knowledge base and leadership skills to realize this vision. My mission is to attain the skills and competencies required of a clinician to achieve the best possible, patient specific drug therapy outcomes.

So there it is, on my blog and my bathroom mirror. Let the games begin!

Screen Shot 2015-10-08 at 8.08.11 PM

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