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Leadership and management, what’s the difference anyways?

In our leadership and management session, we were asked to identify and reflect on the differences between management and leadership. So this is a summary of my understanding of the key differences.

Management involves the organization and coordination of people and resources to provide consistent results that meet the association’s goals. This involves budgeting and planning, organizing staff and innovative problem solving. A Manager with a title and the authority to allocate financial and human resources, to establish rules and regulations and to make changes in the institutional structure, often undertakes the responsibility of management. In short, management ensures things are done right.

Leadership is the ability to create a clear, shared vision of the future and to inspire others to work together to make this vision a reality. True leadership requires a clear direction, the capacity to align people and a passion that inspires others to work towards a common goal. Leadership is independent of title and each person has the ability to act as a leader. Managers can also be leaders, but not all leaders are managers by title. Leadership produces change.

We also discussed the six leadership styles, coercive, authoritative, affiliative, democratic, pacesetting and coaching, and the situations where each of these styles is most effective. What I found most interesting was that the best leaders have mastered not 1 but 4 or more of these styles (especially the most positive styles: authoritative, affiliative, democratic, and coaching). They are then capable of adapting to the various scenarios where these styles work best. I am really looking forward to observing and differentiating further between these styles during my up coming DPC rotations.

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