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Leadership and Management to the Rescue

Project Management 101: So I may not have mentioned this but my residency research project is going to require digging through hundreds of paper charts to locate BPMHs for data collection. In order to make this feasible, I interviewed several pharmacy students with the help of the UBC TMP-SMX mentorship program. Each of the students was exceptional however I did need to make a decision. Then, on Thursday night, while working on additional residency requirements, the selected student informed me she would be unavailable to assist do to circumstances out of her control. The data collection processes was to begin the following Monday. Okay Gina, don’t panic, you can handle this it is all part of being a project manager (I am a bit reluctant to admit that this thought is madness to pre-residency Gina). So I promptly contacted the other students and was able to quickly connect with a highly motivated 4th year pharmacy student who was excited to start Monday morning. The situation worked out wonderfully and even better, it gave me a tangible experience of the challenges faced when managing a project where other people are involved and things do not always go as planned. It also provided me with some clear evidence that I have evolved throughout the residency program, as I was able to adapt and adjust to this change in a more systematic and productive fashion that I would have anticipated.

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