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It’s all in the detail…Academic Detailing!

I had a very informative 4 days with the ladies responsible for local Provincial Academic Detailing (PAD). For those who are unfamiliar with PAD, it was developed to provide practitioners with evidence based, objective data regarding both the safety and the efficacy of medications. It serves to bridge a knowledge gap too often “filled” by drug company representatives. Topics such as oral diabetes medications, anticoagulation in atrial fibrillation and proton pump inhibitors were selected based on need and interest. It was incredible to learn that the team spends up to a year developing the material to discuss with healthcare practioners and judging by the detail I can understand why. I had a great learning experience on the academic detailing rotation and appreciated the opportunity to attend appointments with the team members. I was impressed by the detailed, professional work conducted by the group in both preparation and delivery of the information. It was obvious the clinicians highly valued the academic detailing sessions and the physicians even started their day early to attend. For myself, the salient learning point from this rotation was the need for pharmacists to remain active in the role of pharmaceutical educators both within the pharmacy department and within our interprofessional teams.

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