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This month, my heart beats for cardiology alone…

Following 2 project weeks that had me at several different locations on the Island, it is now the beginning of my Cardiology rotation. I anticipate it will be challenging and a steep learning curve but one I feel ready for. After meeting with my preceptors, I have developed some specific goals and objectives for this rotation:

Goal 1: To develop and apply knowledge and clinical skills specific to cardiology.


  • To develop an understanding of the pathophysiology, risk factors, pharmacological and non-pharmacological treatment of VTE, Afib and valvular heart disease through  therapeutic discussions with my preceptor.
  • To improve my patient presentation approach to preceptor (ID, HPI, medications and past medical history, etc).

Goal 2: To demonstrate the skills necessary to provide effective direct patient care.


  • To develop a system for identifying patients most likely to benefit from a comprehensive pharmaceutical assessment through practice and discussion with my preceptor.
  • To clearly identify and prioritize DTPs.
  • To practice presenting the treatment alternatives and justifying my recommendations.
  • To refine monitoring parameters to include time to expected change, patient specific thresholds to changes in therapy (in terms of efficacy and safety) and frequency of monitoring.
  • To gather relevant information in a consistent, systematic fashion using a condensed data collection sheet (20mins).
  • To improve my interpretation of diagnostics and imaging by creating a list of unfamiliar terms.

Goal 3: To develop and integrate knowledge to provide direct patient care and medication- and practice-related education.


  • To provide pharmaceutical education to patients and non-pharmacy health care professionals through formal teaching sessions to as per rotation schedule.
  • To provide pharmaceutical education to patients health care professionals through a nursing inservice.

This is slightly more structured than previous rotations however I believe these are quite attainable during my DPC rotation #4 with two great preceptors to coach, model and facilitate.


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