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Clinical Re-Orientation

Following an eight-month leave of absence to focus on my health, the Island Health Residency program is accommodating my return. A two-week re-orientation to clinical pharmacy has been planned prior to my final two rotations. I am excited to re-orientate to residency life and I am grateful for the opportunities provided. Since re-orientation to the hospital environment and patient care is the goal, I will be focusing on my midpoint learning goals and objectives relating to the patient work up process. Following an absentee, I will be responsible for successfully completing an oral exam, as I was earlier in my residency. Working towards this and my career as a clinical pharmacist I will focus on my foundation and the following mid-point learning objectives in this re-orientation rotation:


I will consistently develop a thorough, patient specific, pharmaceutical care plan (e.g. within two hours) and be able to effectively communicate this plan both verbally and in writing.

  • Efficiently collect and interpret relevant clinical and laboratory information.
  • Conduct patient interview times (less than 20mins) through the use of efficient, targeted questioning.
  • Create a medical problems list in order of priority.
  • Identify all DTPs and provide recommendations and alternatives for each.
  • Communicate patient clinical status and drug therapy recommendations efficiently to my preceptor and other healthcare professionals.
  • Prioritize patients who would most benefit from a comprehensive work-up.
  • Manage “problem orders” on an acute medical ward.
  • Conduct PK antibiotic assessments on an acute medical ward.
  • Use resources effectively to answer DRPs.
  • Create timed scenarios by week 2 to prepare for the oral assessment.


I will be able to write effective chart notes containing all relevant lab values and pertaining information at an appropriate length.

  • Demonstrate the ability to write concise, descriptive chart notes by the end of this rotation.
  • Communicate comprehensive medication assessments in patient charts.


I cannot predict more than anyone the learning curve ahead of me. I can commit to giving it 110%.

Back on the bike and heading to the ROADs!


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