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Two week re-orientation complete!

During my 2 weeks on an acute medicine ward at VGH, I had the opportunity to work with patients with a variety of clinically interesting conditions and pharmaceutical care needs. These included infectious diseases such as an abdominal abscess, urosepsis in patient with hypopituitarism and another with complicated cellulitis of the legs. Multi-organ damage was common in this patient group. One who stood out was admitted post-fall with hepatic encephalopathy, liver disease with abdominal ascites, CHF, atrial fibrillation, leg chronic ulcers secondary to venous insufficiency with a historical ADR to furosemide (yes, this was one patient and I will talk about the ADR in more detail in another post).

Throughout these busy weeks (snow and all!) I was able to meet my rotation specific goals with the assistance of my preceptor. The last week included a mock oral exam which I was able to complete in the 2h time period. More than this, I am excited to be back in the residency. I am thrilled to be involved with the interdisciplinary team again with the patient right where the patient belongs, in the center!

Speaking of organ systems and comorbidities, on to nephrology…

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