A New Journey….

So this week we had a pretty excellent orientation to the program and to residency life! There were a lot of topics to cover and details to attend during orientation and I feel more prepared for the year ahead. Although I know we have just scratched the surface, the week served as a good foundation so I am glad we had this time to get organized.

We met many wonderful people and were made to feel like part of the team from day 1, we were even welcomed with hand-crafted name placements over our new work areas that we will soon call home. The gesture added to the sense of belonging. Everyone was friendly and excited for us and it was emphasized that there would be many ups and downs throughout the year. It was also made clear that it will be worth it and that the people make the program a supportive environment structured for success.

The week was busy but some where between being issued a staff computer and phone, meeting my project supervisors and touring the hospitals (where I already know I am going to get lost once or twice….) the realism that I was beginning my journey into residency really set in. If you are thinking ‘Really? Finally sunk in, just now?,’ Captain Obvious would likely agree but being there, in the hospital, made me feel like I was in the right place and that it was exactly where I wanted to be.

At the end of the week, I had a chance to ‘step into the shoes of a patient’ and try out my acting skills while we filmed scenes for learning modules illustrating the Four Roles of the Educator….coming soon to a Learning HUB near you!

1) Providing Direct Instruction

2) Modeling

3) Coaching

4) Facilitating

This was a novel, hands-on opportunity to view the various roles our preceptors will fill as we develop our skills and competency throughout each rotation. I found it interesting to see how these teaching roles are used to facilitate our learning progression as we move up the pyramid of Bloom’s Taxonomy from knowledge to comprehension to application to analysis to synthesis and finally evaluation.

Blooms Taxonomy


My fellow residents are pretty amazing as well and we seem to share a love for Bann Thai so I am sure we will find other food and non-food adventures, as (if) time allows!

Hello world!

What is the purpose of this ePortfolio you may ask? It is actually quite simple and quite complex at the same time. It is a place for me to reflect on what I learn during each residency rotation. The successes, the challenges and most importantly, how I will become better and the steps I will take to get there. Better as a clinician, as a team member and as a life long learner.

Each of my pages will begin to fill up with my accomplishments in the program throughout the year. I look forward to sharing my experiences and I would appreciate any feedback or suggestions!